Where to start

Not much has happened here since I started this blog. The problem isn’t that I don’t want to write, or am too lazy (although to be honest and knowing myself, laziness probably has a part in it). The problem is that I dont’ know what even to write; where to start.

I’m a devotee to Loki. You know, that guy in the Norse pantheon Who gets into trouble (Himself and O/others) habitually. For now, I’ll avoid using “professional speak” such as my Path, or X-walking, or the Work, or other such abbreviations. It’s not that I don’t like those terms; they have a lot of merit in that they are placeholders for a whole bunch of abstract concepts, thus saving you a lot of typing. Eventually.

The thing is, I haven’t been at it long enough. So for now, “the Path” in general terms is that of a mystic. I do not have decades of activity in any pagan practice on my back; I haven’t been religious for years, either; neither in Christianity, nor a Paganism, nor what-have-you. That doesn’t mean I cannot have mystic experiences. Obviously, I can, because I do. The same goes for my devotional practices — there is none that I have been practicing long or regularly enough to put into an umbrella term like “the Work”. Again, that doesn’t mean I don’t have a devotional practice. It just means that it’s currently in a phase of rather quick evolution. There is no fixed set of things that I would mean by “the Work”, so I choose not to use that term.

As for where to start… The beginning sounds like a good idea.

I am going to be up front about it: I have been worshipping Loki for less than a year at this point. But not only am I inexperienced, I also have a rather… let’s say dubious provenance. In plain speak: I came to this by way of the Marvel CU film The Avengers earlier in 2012. To which I can only comment in the vein of “what works, works”, and “I don’t conflate Marvel’s Loki character with the God Loki, so please spare me the condescension”. If you’re not judgemental about this, then that’s completely fine, and I don’t mean you at all. If you are, then please keep it to yourself. I’ve seen people get a lot of flak for it, and had some thrown my way, too– to which I usually respond by cranking up the shields and not responding.

Other than that, there’s actually nothing interesting about the whole episode. Sure, I could elaborate on being a fan for a couple of weeks back in 2012. But I guess everyone has been a fan of something at some point in their life, so that would be rather pointless.

The important bit is, I got dragged out of fandom like so many bags of cats back in June last year. Not that much dragging was necessary, to be frank. There was much reading, with the focus radically switching from mostly fanfiction to mostly non-fiction in the matter of a fortnight. There were dreams, meditation, signs, there was the construction of an altar.

That is where I start: 0n the 18th of July, 2012.


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Myriad Hallaug Lokadís
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