July for Loki

Just a heads up that I will be participating in the Month for Loki next month.

Devotees all over the world are going to create works of art, music, poetry, essays, recipes—basically whatever you can think of—in the name of Loki, and for Loki. We’re doing it to show people why we worship Him, and in how many different ways He has inspired, saved, enriched, blessed, overwhelmed us.

We’re (at least I am) also doing it to build a body of cult, for an ancient Being in modern times. For a couple of weeks, we’re turning our online places into a distributed shrine to Loki. I hope it is going to be beautiful.

I have by now decided on what I will contribute. I’m not going to post every day—my usual blogging speed is much slower than that, and I cannot produce anything of quality at that kind of speed, having both a full-time day job and a very private devotional life. Instead, I will create art next month, one piece for each week in July, and each representing a quarter of the past year—in terms of what was important to me during those time spans regarding my Beloved. All posts will be filed under the category “A Month for Loki” for easier reference.

(Spoiler: the series is going to be called At Loki’s Hands)

Edit: Addendum—credit for the original idea goes to G. Krasskova; credit for the initiative in this year goes to E. Vongvisith.


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Myriad Hallaug Lokadís
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19 Responses to July for Loki

  1. Julia says:

    I adore this idea and hope it becomes part of the new traditions.

    • Myriad says:

      <3 yes, me too. Credit for the original idea must go to G. Krasskova… and for this year's initiative to E. Vongvisith

      Heh, I'm just a very small fish in this pond, but I think there's a huge chance in the project! I can only encourage you to participate, that is, if your Husband is okay with it (given the stunt Loki tried to pull there) :)

      • Julia says:

        Actually we’re getting on well with Loki and I might just contribute something in Honor of the miraculous Way He has been a part of my life and for so very, very long. I may create one of my Helkappe in His Honor.

    • Myriad says:

      Lovely idea! And I’m glad you all get along…

  2. moonfire2012 says:

    I love this idea. I’ll definately contribute!

  3. Julia says:

    Reblogged this on Thrudvangr and commented:
    Boosting the signal on this as I feel it is a worthwhile endeavor. I am considering creating one of my Helkappe (seidhr crowns) to Honor Loki’s Presence and Influence in my life for the past fourteen years (longer? who knows any more.)

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  6. moonfire2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Tried by Fire and commented:
    Reblogging since Loki is the star of the show.

  7. bluehufsa says:

    Reblogged this on BlueHufsa.

  8. suzys64 says:

    Wonderful idea!

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