The Treatise Revisited

As another ex SCKer, but one who left without causing a spectacle, I would like to add a couple of things regarding SCK. I don’t know whether it still exists as such, but I have kept friendly contact more or less closely with some of its original members.

From what I have seen, things changed a lot during the past year. There was a culmination of “drama levels” roundabout November 2012 and following (which was also the time when I left). From what I gather, the people who were actually there learned a lot about how to handle the causes for said culmination. A number of drama incidents happened because of “channelling” — whether or not it was actually real channelling or a case of bad discernment, or even legitimate channelling of a different entity claiming Loki’s name, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. The point is that when it came up again lately, things were handled much differently from back then. I believe the person(s) claiming to channel were told to back off. The point is that although things were bad and got disgusting regarding the drama (I left after all, and there were reasons), people change and people learn.

I have to admit, I’m a little tired of seeing SCK get blamed or ridiculed for every little bit of Lokean nonsense happening somewhere. This isn’t meant as an attack against anyone, but I for one have been having a hard time with the prejudice, and I’m annoyed by that.

There was one member in particular who was widely and intensely criticised and “hated upon” for being misleading, spreading misinformation and claiming Loki’s name for their bad behaviour — possibly, arguably that criticism was justified; however, this person has left since winter/spring 2013, which is quite a long time ago given that SCK only existed since autumn 2012. They have not been active at all during all that time, and yet still every other week or so they get blamed for something although they have left the stage months ago.

I’m not saying that things are all peachy regarding SCK. There are still a couple of people who have very weird and possibly unhealthy views. But they don’t have that kind of influence within the group anymore. I for one find the developments in the SCK quarters rather encouraging overall (at least the parts that I can see). And I have to say, it’s a pity that other people — good people (whatever that may mean, but I count myself among them) — now have this kind of “stain” to their name and are judged before they even enter the court.

In other quarters that are not associated with SCK in any way, I cannot believe the levels of bullshit flying about, as the original poster pointed out in his post.

As some may know, I have been “banned” from a couple of groups for supporting the wrong people, as well as unfollowed (wp, tumblr) and unfriended (fb) by the group leader. This ban was a fact which I really couldn’t care less about and find amusing more than anything. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, and I’m just collateral damage (or would be if any fucks were given). So, by the way, are others whom I had added into said groups — they curiously got banned with me on the exact same day, excuses were made when they asked why.

Tumblr? Not the worst place at all, I agree. Tumblr, for all its frivolities and yep, drama and immaturity, has merit. It did me a great service in demonstrating how arbitrary UPG is, and thereby made a significant contribution to my being able to stop caring is “this or that” didn’t or doesn’t happen to me. And I haven’t seen any tumblr-based Loki-wives at each other’s throats claiming they are loved best, were the first, or are god-like in their own right, or telling someone else what their relationship with Loki is or isn’t. Tumblr folks may be badly informed and a little lazy on the average when it comes to proper research — yes, that’s bad. But it’s not quite as damaging, and as I argued above: people make mistakes, and people learn.


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2 Responses to The Treatise Revisited

  1. /Thank/ you; “people make mistakes, and people learn” – and “group composition can change” seems to be lost on people at times.

    I try to convince myself to not care too much if anyone judges me for my “associations,” rather than on how I observably treat them or other people – and that if other people judge me for those associations based on someone else’s word of mouth – those are people whose opinions I should really file under “Not important,” because their ability to think for themselves and judge things more accurately is lacking. And I try to do the same for other people about whom I’ve heard unpleasant rumors: to judge them based on what I see, rather than solely what other people say about them.

    I think the most hilarious “Tumblr is DOOM” comments come from people who I’ve seen embroiled in off-Tumblr drama.

    • Myriad says:

      You’re right, and you’re welcome.

      I for one cannot respect a person who lets their prejudice persist even when they are aware of evidence to the contrary. I don’t mean I can’t respect people who are prejudiced: everybody is. I am. Because everybody, including myself, has unfounded opinions based on hearsay, cultural difference, ignorance, egotism, or simple misinformation. That’s just fact. But being exposed to actual evidence against one’s prejudice and still insisting on it? That’s just unwillingness to admit one is wrong. It’s willful ignorance. It’s actually rather sad.

      I am going to say, though: even people who have been willfully blind in the past can someday wake up and realise they’ve been wrong, and change their behaviour. It may be a fool’s hope, but sometimes being foolish isn’t too bad. :)

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