Scientific views on daily rituals (KRT)

Kemetische Einsichten

Kemetic Round TableI have decided to wander off the topic a bit for this post and take you on a little trip into neurology, psychology and sociology.

To watch people performing rituals can look very strange if you do not know the background and the meanings behind them. It might even look funny, scary or just confusing. Experiencing different cultures can sometimes force us to deal with habits we find hard to relate to. A socialist brother’s kiss can seem odd to western minds like it can be obnoxious to Muslims if a catholic woman does not cover her hair. It can look brutal if indigenous people in Africa pierce their lips with spits of wood for initiation ceremonies like it will probably seem weird to them to watch a typical German marriage. The latest discussions about circumcision in Judaism have shown clearly how heated a debate can get about maintaing a…

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