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On the name Lokadís and other $DIVINITY.dísir

My name is Myriad Hallaug Lokadís. It is not my legal name, but it is the name that is spiritually meaningful for me. Recently there have been several people who claim and/or believe that they are, in some way or … Continue reading

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Entering Power Save Mode

Dear readers, for personal reasons I have decided to give up blogging for the rest of this year. A part of the reason for this decision is related to my current workload. Another part is because I need a timeout … Continue reading

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Wie bitte? Ja, Ihr habt schon richtig gelesen: Gerümpel. Ist das Wort, das neulich ein mir nahestehender Mensch wählte, um die Objekte auf meinem Altar zu bezeichnen. Wie bitte? Ja, genau. Die Objekte auf meinem Altar. Ich gebe zwar zu, … Continue reading

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About Departure and proper Footwear

As some of you may have noticed, last week my pantheon unexpectedly had an addition to the family. What I mean by this is that as of last week, there’s a new member of my illustrious circle of Deities, namely … Continue reading

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Vom Aufbruch und dem richtigen Schuhwerk

(Dear English-speaking readers: please don’t use any of the automatic translators. There is a proper translation on my blog now) Wie einige vielleicht mitbekommen haben, hat mein Pantheon letzte Woche unerwartet Zuwachs bekommen. Ich meinte damit, dass es seit letzter … Continue reading

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Jede Menge Arbeit

Dieser Post wird vermutlich nicht ganz so lang wie gewöhnlich. Und vermutlich auch nicht ganz so streng übersetzt, hab nämlich gerade keinen Bock auf Übersetzen. Ich hatte die Tage relativ viel um die Ohren, da ich, wie Ihr vielleicht wisst, … Continue reading

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A Lot of Work

This post is probably not going to be as long as usual. Things recently have been stressful, to say the least. As you may know, I’m currently writing my dissertation, and I have a couple of hard deadlines coming up—basically: … Continue reading

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A Month for Loki: fourth Week

At Loki’s Hands, Pt 4: Closer This post didn’t go as planned. The first thing that you may notice is that July has been over for almost a week now. The primary reason for that is that I’m currently in … Continue reading

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