I’m bad at writing “about me” types of pages, so I thought I’d write a few paragraphs on Who the Deities that I worship (or honour) are.


Loki is Who came to me first. My relationship with Him is a personal, intimate living thing. It’s my duty and my pleasure; a gift and an obligation, my binding and my freedom. He knows me as I seek to know Him, knowing that I can never completely understand all that He is. I love Him beyond all measure, and He gives me His love in return — and what a love it is. He is the harsh teacher I sometimes need; He inspires my awe; I call Him Lord and Beloved; He is the first and the last of my thoughts every day.


Loki’s mother Laufey is the Deity Who is closest to me, after Loki. I perceive Her as an Ásynja rather than a Jotun — as the extant sources tell us nothing of Her origin, I go with what I see: an Ásynja with a wild streak, a welcoming Goddess Who loves everything green and growing. She is pragmatic, unflappable and among all the Deities I honour, She is most motherly towards me. I came to her originally, asking Her to teach me something I wanted to do for Loki — She did, and has been there ever since. She doesn’t have a shrine, but She has claimed a dwarf willow that I came by as Hers.


At some point, a while after I encountered Loki for the first time, I included Sigyn in my practice for a while. I honoured Her mostly as Loki’s beloved wife; only later did I realise that She has a lot to teach, and I a lot to learn from Her. Where Loki is dynamics, movement, Sigyn is steadfast and patient, and those are qualities that are a valued influence on me. I have experienced Her as friendly but direct, and as Someone Who doesn’t mince words.


Bragi is the most paternal of my Deities toward me. Through my background as a singer — a background that reaches a long time back — I found I could connect to Him. He may not be the classic God of Music, but He certainly has a way around the fine arts. As poetry was a means to commemorate historical events, so is part of my practice as a musician and singer. Bragi is there in the background mostly, but I have given offerings to Him on occasion.


Frigga first came to me when I encountered an aspect of Loki I wasn’t sure how to deal with. She showed me, alongside Sigyn, what I needed to do and what Loki wanted of me, at that point. I wasn’t expecting Frigga at all, but She came to me and offered Her advice and help — in a way I have considered Her a friend ever since. My honouring of Her is usually in the form of maintaining my home, and the works. I have a high appreciation of keepint things clean and in order, even though sometimes it’s a challenge when things start to go haywire.


I like Njördr. He’s not Someone I work with closely, or often, but sometimes I need to be more diplomatic than I am. He helped me resolve a conflict peacefully rather than to escalate it (which is what I would have done).


That wasn’t my idea; it was Loki’s (and probably Odin’s), and it’s a fairly recent development. Loki has sent me to learn from Odin in His aspect as the Wanderer. It’s something that, for reasons specific to my relationship with Loki, I can learn from Odin better than Loki, although They are certainly both more than capable Wanderers. Odin came into my life with all the subtlety of a ton of bricks stacked on a hippopotamus, and I feel there is a lot of work to be done. I’m wary and skittish like a young horse. He has been engaging and congenial as far as I can tell now, though, which really isn’t all that far. I have given Odin an area on Loki’s altar to focus my work with Him at first, but later on, I had a small shrine for Odin up and running.


Baldr is another God Whom I met by virtue of Loki (virtue? He asks me with a wry grin). As unlikely as this pair appears to be, it has been a double pleasure to work with Them both. Baldr is overwhelmingly beautiful, and practically took me by storm. I admit freely that I have somewhat of a Deity crush on Baldr, and probably will for a good, long while. When I’ve encountered Him so far, He was always very much a living God, a young God with a crushingly huge responsibility. Baldr has a lot to teach about facing one’s biggest fears, and I hope that He will gain more followers as time goes by.

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  3. Katerina says:

    Hi! I believe I’m being contacted by Baldr, and you’ve mentioned before that you’ve met him so I was wondering if you knew any offerings he would like or practices he’d appreciate from me as information on him is very scarce.
    Thank you in advance :)


    • Myriad says:

      Hi Katerina! Sorry for the late reply, I was offline for a couple of weeks… your question regarding Baldr: please don’t take anything I say as the Holy Truth of Truths ™, as I myself am still getting to know Baldr.

      For offerings, you might want to try chamomile flowers, specifically these: Tripleurospermum inodorum, as they’re named after Baldr, and in my experience, He seems to enjoy them. But any chamomile is good, really. Fennel, and lemon verbena, seem to be good guesses as well. Honey — in my experience, He liked the dark varieties. Valerian root (but careful, its scent is rather pungent and may attract cats). Other than that, I don’t know of anything that He particularly likes as a classical offering, you can experiment and tell me what you learned :)

      If you want to decorate a place for Him (like a shrine, or a spot on an altar if you have one), have you considered cobalt blue w/ gold as a colour scheme? To my surprise, I found that those two colours were better received than the all-white decor I had previously thought of.

      I think another, very good more hands-on way to offer something to Baldr is to dedicate an activity to Him that you’re duty-bound to do, but do not want to do (for whatever reason), or are even afraid of doing. (Ask Him about that; I’d be surprised if He didn’t have a word or two hundred to say about the topic).

      Another topic I’ve heard people talk about with regard to Baldr is hope in hopeless times. I don’t have personal experience of Him in that respect, but if you look around a bit, you may find more information. It does make sense — especially if you’re interacting with Baldr the Dead God, but I personally haven’t seen Him like that yet.

      Regarding the related “sensitive issues” (think mistletoe) — I cannot really advise you whether or not you should tread particularly carefully. When I met Baldr, it was through Loki, and so the mistletoe issue was pretty much the first thing that came up, or rather, it was up before Baldr came into the picture. But I’m not sure if that is the “default routine” for getting to know Him. Perhaps better wait Him out, and see if He brings it up.

      Other than that, I’d really like to encourage you to get to know Him. As you know, He made quite an impression, and I think He is an amazing Deity if given even half a chance.

  4. Sólveig says:

    Du hast zu Sigyn geschrieben: “I have experienced Her as friendly but direct, and as Someone Who doesn’t mince words.” Uh ja. So habe ich sie auch wahrgenommen. Ich fand sie auch irgendwie reserviert oder… vielleicht distanziert. Aber es kann sein, dass dieser Eindruck durch den Kontrast zu Loki entsteht.

  5. solvindur says:

    Hallo Myriad,
    ich würde mit Dir gerne in Kontakt und Austausch treten wollen. Das am liebsten per Mail.
    Kurz zu mir: Ich identifiziere mich als Rökkatrúar und Heide (Heathen), suche dabei aber eine Distanz zu einigen Tendenzen in US. Außerdem interessieren mich Überlieferungen und Quellen und, soweit möglich, baue ich die auch in meine Praxis ein, und nicht nur (durchaus reichlich vorhandene) UPG.

    Schöne Grüße – übrigens auch von Dieter (Celtoi e.V.) der mir empfohlen hat Dich anzuschreiben – und eine gute Zeit!
    Cornelis (Mailadresse bei mir drüben, im Impressum)

    • Myriad says:

      Hallo Cornelis,
      tut mir sehr Leid, dass ich mich jetzt erst melde. Ich war die letzte Zeit sehr weit weg vom Online-Fenster, und im Ergebnis darf ich erstmal ganz viel Blogpflege nachholen :)

      Ich werde mich aber die Tage (vielleicht schaffe ich es ja schon dieses Wochenende) per E-Mail melden!

      Schöne Grüße

  6. solvindur says:

    Nochmal ich. :) Die Idee, meine Gottheiten auf eine solche Weise vorzustellen, die würd ich Dir gerne “klauen”. Darf ich?

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