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A Month for Loki: fourth Week

At Loki’s Hands, Pt 4: Closer This post didn’t go as planned. The first thing that you may notice is that July has been over for almost a week now. The primary reason for that is that I’m currently in … Continue reading

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A Month for Loki: second Week

At Loki’s Hands, Pt 2: Weaving the Net In the first part of the series, I drew and wrote about the first few months that followed my being shoved down the rabbit hole—and how scared I was at first. It … Continue reading

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A Month for Loki: first Week

At Loki’s Hands, Pt 1: Tapped In my announcement post, I mentionded I intend to post four drawings for Loki this month. So, that is basically what this series titled “At Loki’s Hands” is: it consists of four drawings, the … Continue reading

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Flamehair, Sky Treader, Divine Dancer

You didn’t expect Me to just “tread” the sky, did you?

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Laufey and a Very Young Loki

Laufey and a very young Loki She smiled as she felt a kick to her stomach, little flames springing from her hand. She thought she could hear the sound of tiny bells chiming—her child, her unborn son, was laughing.

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