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Loki and Women

This post is based on and inspired by Sati’s wonderful post about Seth and Women (in German). Loki, the “Unmanly” Man If you worship Loki — especially if you’re female while doing so — you’ll quickly be finding yourself battling … Continue reading

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Loki und die Frauen

In Anlehnung an und inspiriert durch Satis wunderbaren Post über Seth und die Frauen. Loki, der “unmännliche” Mann Wer Loki verehrt — und vor Allem, wer dabei auch noch weiblich ist — wird schnell in die Klischee-Ecke der unreifen hormongesteuerten … Continue reading

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A Rehash and a First

Since this blog opened last year, I have not talked about sex. So that’s the first; I’ll be talking about sex. And what it is and isn’t like between Loki and me. And how it all connects to this post, … Continue reading

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