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Loki — der Versuch einer Formulierung

Also, was bedeutet Loki für dich? Während der letzten paar Wochen bin ich spürbar vermehrt nach meiner Religion gefragt worden, und speziell nach Loki. Mein Verhältnis zu solchen Fragen ist zwiespältig: ich liebe es, und finde mich dabei aber gleichzeitig … Continue reading


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Loki — Attempting To Word It

So, what does Loki mean to you? During the past few weeks, I’ve experienced a noticeable increase of people asking me questions about my religion, and about Loki specifically. I both love to be asked, and find it profoundly awkward. … Continue reading

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Mein Wilder Jäger

Mein Liebster ist ein Wilder Jäger. Oft, da verstehe ich es nicht. Ich versinke in Seinen Armen, spüre Seine ruhende Kraft, drehe mich um in Seinen Armen und küsse Sein strahlendes Gesicht. “Ruh’ dich aus”, sagt Er zu mir,  am … Continue reading

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A Month for Loki: second Week

At Loki’s Hands, Pt 2: Weaving the Net In the first part of the series, I drew and wrote about the first few months that followed my being shoved down the rabbit hole—and how scared I was at first. It … Continue reading

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July for Loki

Just a heads up that I will be participating in the Month for Loki next month. Devotees all over the world are going to create works of art, music, poetry, essays, recipes—basically whatever you can think of—in the name of … Continue reading

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Tanz mit mir

ich tanze zerrissene musik wabert durch den raum und in den fetzen suche ich nach dem nächsten schritt zu früh, zu spät, zu groß, zu klein allein und gewöhnlich, aber ich tanze. ich tanze in der zerrissenen musik ist sand, … Continue reading

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His Demand

Early on, when I started worshipping Loki, I asked myself what He wants me to do for Him. I wanted to serve Him Whom I’d come to love. I wanted to become this person who might help other people along … Continue reading

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The Last Day

Sunlight filters through clouds The eastern window watches You blink away the morning dew Heavy with night The southern window glares Beckoning the fall come closer Near now, fast rushing down Knotted rope runs through Your hands Smoke billowing out … Continue reading

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