Moments of Adoration

When slipping on an icy patch
turns into public indecency (skirts flying),
I adore You

When a laugh that bubbles past my lips
turns concerned looks into chuckles and amused smirks,
I adore You

When I suddenly realise I forgot my line
and heat rushes up my back,
I adore You

When I improvise instead
and find an even better line,
I adore You

When I stumble and whatever it once was
ends up hopelessly garbled,
I adore You

When suddenly my feet start dancing
on the road in bright daylight,
I adore You

When I flash a grin at those grim looks,
I adore You

When the melody in my mind develops a mind of its own,
and makes itself heard,
I adore You

And when a stranger’s frown turns into a smile,
for just one second —

I adore You.


About Myriad

Myriad Hallaug Lokadís
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