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Bonnetain’s Loki: Mover of Stories (summary translation)

I have been working on this little translation project since last fall, after I finished reading the wonderful book that is Yvonne S. Bonnetain’s Loki: Beweger der Geschichten (engl. roughly Loki: Mover of Stories), which is available as a kindle … Continue reading


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Autumn Leaves

How can I try to explain who You are — as few ever see You on their quest, bedazzled by smiles, harsher edges, and flames, and the cold flash of steel against flesh. You smile with Your eyes, and though … Continue reading

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A Month for Loki: third Week

AT Loki’s Hands, Pt 3: Truceless After I was shown the Net, I was left trembling in awe, my heart beating in my throat; I had found out something important about myself and where my heart (oh, and more) belongs. … Continue reading

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Of Mothers and Sons — Loki short fiction contest entry

(A Devotional fictional story for Loki and Laufey; this is not strictly personal gnosis, but it is based on my personal gnosis about Laufey. Still, I’d say it’s fiction. ) Of Mothers and Sons Laufey stood just outside of the … Continue reading

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Polytheism can be Simple

LOKI: HE IS. Sigyn: She is. Laufey: She is. Bragi: He is. Tyr: He is. Frigga: She is. Njördr: He is. All the other Gods and Goddesses that I do not know personally yet: They are. Every God and Goddess: … Continue reading

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Laufey and a Very Young Loki

Laufey and a very young Loki She smiled as she felt a kick to her stomach, little flames springing from her hand. She thought she could hear the sound of tiny bells chiming—her child, her unborn son, was laughing.

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