Autumn Leaves

How can I try to explain who You are —
as few ever see You on their quest,
bedazzled by smiles, harsher edges, and flames,
and the cold flash of steel against flesh.

You smile with Your eyes, and though edges you have,
they are covered, and grow out of wood;
quietly weathered by time, wind, and flame,
does anyone know how to look?

In the nick of time,
while our backs are turned,
You walk on, clad in silence,
among tree, and world.

And as full turns to light, I look up at Your hair:
a sea of red, golden and green.
One morning, soon, I know I will wake;
colour-bright will have turned to maroon,
and further to black and the deepest of green,
white-wet glistening in between.

And smile You may (in Your eyes as they close)
as branches are taken by blade
they remind us of something forgotten almost;
though ever they carry Your name.

About Myriad

Myriad Hallaug Lokadís
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3 Responses to Autumn Leaves

  1. moonfire2012 says:

    This is so beautiful. It shows the many faces of Loki. I was taken aback by your description of the colors of His hair. I’ve seen Him that way in elemental form, His hair up and waving in slow motion like fire underwater in red, gold and green.

    • Myriad says:

      thank you, my dear, I’m glad you like it. Although, if you allow me a little remark: the poem is about Laufey <3 — Loki's mother Whose name means something akin to "leaf-island", "rich in leaves", or similar meanings connected to leaves. Her other known name, Nál, means "needle" which, in this poem, I took to mean "pine needle" or "fir needle", or generally the needle of a needle tree. That's what the last line is about: gathering evergreens and taking them inside, not knowing that they literally carry (needles=Her name)… But then again, it's fine that you see Loki's many faces, too. After all, She is His mother ;-)

      • moonfire2012 says:

        Lol, when I went back and read it was about Laufey, and the leafy parts, I smacked my forehead. Still, I have seen Loki in that fire elemental form. But I’ve seen Laufey too, like that dream I told you about. The one where she teases me about her son being a “sky dancer”. I left her some lavender on the altar, and funny you mention her association with pine needles, I have a giant pine tree in my front yard.

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